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Coordination & Management

Scientific Coordination

Prof. Dr. Henrik Larsson

Coordinator of the TIMESPAN project
+46 7040 56625
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Henrik Larsson is Professor of epidemiology. The overall objective of his research team’s work on ADHD is to understand how genes and environments influence ADHD across the life span, to map developmental consequences of ADHD and to identify the benefits and risks associated with ADHD treatment interventions. Henrik Larsson’s team use large ADHD cohorts identified from national health registers, the Swedish twin register and clinical cohorts. These datasets contain valid diagnoses of ADHD, prospective measures of environmental risks, high throughput genotyping, longitudinal information on prescribed ADHD medications and assessments of serious medical (psychiatric and somatic problems) and functional (social, educational and occupational) outcomes. Henrik is a faculty member of IMPACT, ECNP, EUNETHYDIS, and the Behavioural Genetic Association.


Project Management

Vanessa Köhler

Project manager
+49 (0) 8141 6252 8583
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The Project Management Office (PMO) consists of the scientific coordinator (Prof. Henrik Larsson), and concentris research management gmbh (concentris). Concentris is a modern German service company specialized in the organization, controlling, and dissemination of medium- and large-scale EU-funded projects within the FP7, Horizon 2020, and IMI programmes. The team is well versed with EU regulations and is used to guiding consortia through challenges. From their longstanding, hands-on expertise in the management of EU projects, the project managers understand how to communicate effectively with all involved stakeholders.