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Empatica Srl

Empatica Srl

Team Leader

Petra Nemeth

Sales OPS Manager
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Team Staff

Andrea Mortera

Senior Data Scientist
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Mzia Kupunia

Account Manager
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Institute Presentation

Empatica is an MIT spin-off based in Boston, MA and Milan, Italy focused on the development, production, and utilization of medical wearables, implementing an AI and sensor-based platform for the monitoring and detection of health-related conditions. Empatica’s platform uses a combination of biosensors to detect unique components of human physiology that are distilled in AI-based algorithms to continuously and remotely monitor autonomic activity, movement, sleep and cardiac activity.

Empatica’s smart watch, Embrace Plus which combines the precision of Empatica’s validated biomarkers with a comfortable design, will be used for continuous remote monitoring of Participants’ physiological signals, including heart rate and heart rate variability, inter-beat interval, EDA, autonomic stress, physical activity and sleep.